Custom Software Development

We have been doing software development at the highest level since 1989, so ECG Global Services can provide proven expertise in Network Software Development Projects.

Break The Logjam – Accelerate Your Development Projects

ECG Global Services has Development, Design, and Troubleshooting expertise you can use to speed your project:

Advanced Call RoutingECG’s Advanced Call Routing Engine (ACRES) provides flexible high-performance, high-volume call application server for VoIP/SIP or ISDN/PRI Call Centers.

Billing and CDR Integration – Rate and Analyze CDRs. Merge CDRs with ease. ECG’s CDR Rating and Mediation Systems can bring your VoIP solution online in days, not months.

Systems Development, Perfected

Software Developers need to understand the whole picture — from product packaging, system operation, engineering design goals, and the long-term growth plan. ECG’s Developers have long experience building Service Provider Networks, and bring extensive Software Development background.

With such broad experience, ECG’s team of Developers and Technical Staff bring in-depth system knowledge, built with projects at 40+ service providers around the world. You get best-of-breed ideas, and proven designs.


ECG has experience developing on Windows Server, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X. We use Java, Cocoa/Objective C, C, C#, ASP.NET, Perl, and a full suite of additional tools. We can provide fully-working appliances, or fully-documented source-code libraries.


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