Software Development

Our US based software developers are intimately aware of the challenges faced by network designers and troubleshooters, and they have the skills needed to write software that is solutions-based, stable, and secure.

Software Services

Software Developed by ECG

Our experience in the telecom and VoIP arena provides a foundation for many of the complex software projects that we have undertaken. Some of these projects include:

  • Attache – BroadWorks Call Control client for Apple MacOS X
  • NGTelsoft – Call rating engine for telecom providers
  • ACRESAdvanced Call Routing Engine Server for advanced and customized call-center services
  • BWAuth – External Authentication module for BroadSoft and Surgemail

ECG Global Services offers custom development for call routing, CDR manipulation, NNACL/LCA generation, call control, and system management in the following environments CCXML, VXML, Cocoa, Java, or C/C++ and scripting languages such as PERL or PHP.

Free / Open Source VoIP Troubleshooting Tools

  • VCAR – VoIP Call Anomaly Reporter: detect strange things from VoIP calls
  • ecg_extract_call – Provide a Wireshark display filter and PCAP files, and ecg_extract_call collects VoIP signaling AND related RTP media.
  • bwgrep – Extract matching log entries from BroadWorks XSLogs and similar log files.

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